lördag 18 juli 2020 - Skrivet av Mats Henningson
Klintholm to Malmö
The cliffs of Mön

50 Nm, 8 hours, fog for the first hour, then clear blue skies and 25 degrees and sunny. No wind. Shiny sea

Sailed on autopilot from Klintholm on Mön to Malmö Dockan Marina. Felt nice to go in the fog with Radar and AIS. It was different in the 80s when fog meant dead count and great uncertainty. Today you have full control of the large ships both with speed and direction and time for "encounter". Despite all the electronics, we note the position, speed, distance and direction every half hour in old-fashioned charts. If we were to get rid of electricity supply, we could, after all, navigate the old-fashioned way with a dead count.

In the traffic separation zones around Falsterbo Rev, there was quite a lot of traffic to keep track of, but without problems. It is to be noted that the large merchant ships run at high speed and it is always best to weigh clearly in good time so that they see what intention we have.

We docked in "Dockan", walked over to our apartment, had a sundowner, a shower and spagetti carbonara with some Italian red wine and it just feels nice to be home again

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fredag 17 juli 2020 - Skrivet av Mats Henningson
Gedser to Klintholm
Cape Gedser, the southern most point of Scandinavia
31 Nm, 6 hours, Sun and alternating winds mostly from north and west 0 -7 m/s

Woke up with the rooster and waited for Brugsen to open at seven. Of course they had their own bakery, so I bought Birkes (Danish Coissants but much better than French) and a dark delicious Durum whole grain loaf

Sailed south down to Cape rGedse with a northwesterly wind on the genoa. Turned to 30 degrees north and motored to Klintholm. Took the last nice long side place for "big" boats ie 12 meters and up. We are exactly 12 meters with point and bathing jetty (which is otherwise a secret when we pay for a 10 meter boat). A nice and welcoming Danish couple in the boat in front took the ropes

A number of boats are at anchor for the night outside the port which is noted in our note book of good ports and moorings

Sun and summer, 25 degrees hot and the evening sun set is an opportunity to a sundowner or two (it's Friday I think). It can not get better

The forecast for tomorrow is fluctuating 0-3m / s. We aim for Skanör, Sweden tomorrow to arrive at Malmö Dockan on Sunday afternoon.
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torsdag 16 juli 2020 - Skrivet av Mats Henningson
Travemunde to Gedser
Leaving Travemunde and now: The Sea!
55.1 Nm, 9 hours 17 minutes. 6-8m/s from northwest. Sunshine and 20 degrees.
First engine run with the wind in the nose, then it turned to the northwest. 
We fell off a few degrees and rolled the jib that . Stabilizes with the mezzanine.
Out east of Fehmarn, the sea swell came on the side and it got really jumpy
for a few hours.
We sailed just under the wind eye as best we could and had some help from
the engineas well.
Once in Gedser, there is plenty of space and it is nice to add to the wind between piles.
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onsdag 15 juli 2020 - Skrivet av Mats Henningson
Today we had the masts erected
Now we have a sailing boat again

Sailed 300 meters, 19 degrees hot, humid. A rain shower in the afternoon.

This morning we went from the outer guest jetty to the mast crane at the bottom of the Marina

3 men erected the masts very professionally. We got a surprise when the underwire for the main mast was to be set. Two rigging screws were missing. These have disappeared from the mast sometime during the winter. Well, the mast manager looked in his work shop and came up with two used rigging screws. Rigging screws are not cheap, so that may be the reason why they have disappeared.

We then took care of connecting all the electricity and electronics to the masts and mounted all three sails. Everything worked satisfactorily during the test drive.

Tomorrow's forecast is headwind or no wind, so it will probably be motorizing.

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söndag 12 juli 2020 - Skrivet av Mats Henningson
Lubeck to Travemunde
Advanced mechanism for erecting a mast

11,1 Nm, 2 hours, 15 C  and showers.

Had a good nights sleep and then sailed to Böbs Werft (Marina) in Travemunde, where we had reserved a dock spot and awaiting professional assistance with erecting our two masts. The slot for us is on Wedneday

Just before leaving Lubeck, we watched the neighboring boat erecting his mast on his own with a very clever and advanced mechanism. With a lid and hoist, connected to the electical winch, the mast smoothly erected

We are docked on the outside of the Marina, which makes it a little bit rocky but not uncomfortable

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fredag 10 juli 2020 - Skrivet av Mats Henningson
Elbe Seiten km 93 to Lubeck
Hebewerk shiplift transported us down 38 meters in a bucket 100m long and 12 meter wide, filled with water and our boat
1.6 Nm, 10 hours + 3 hours lock and waiting time. 7 locks + a boat lift. 13 degrees, fog and rain. Cleared up towards evening.

Got up and left at 7.00. Sailed to the end of the Elbe Seiten, then upstream the Elbe to the Elbe - Lubeck canal. One Hebewerk (ship elevator) and seven locks with fog and rain every now and then. Nice with AIS showing oncoming ships a quarter of an hour before the meeting.

We moore in Newport Guest Harbor in Lubeck. 23 € for the night including electricity so we can run the electric heating tonight.

Tomorrow we will go to Travemunde and stay at Böbs Werft (boatyard) where we reserved a place and erect the two masts. We will probably stay until Thursday, as they are short on people for the mast work and can probably not erect the mast until Wednesday. We have a lot of boat work / maintenance to do in the meantime. We also need to move around by bike and walk after all the sedentary on board
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