Les Saintes före 2015 - oktober 2014
onsdag 1 oktober 2014 - Skrivet av Anders o Cathrine
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Les Saintes

In this bay we have bought a house on the shore exactly where the "pin" is on the map below. The map shows one of our paddle tours we frequently do

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Så här ser huset ut även idagThe house is very very old, one of the first on the shore, and looks the same today. However some refitting is needed while it has ben uninhabited for 20 yeras.

Only the termites and mildew prosper in the house

We have been sailing now for over nine years and seven yeras in the Caribbean Sea.

This is the island we like most. You can hike, swim, dive, canoe, climb mountains, sail, fish and just love the wonderfull surroundings. The bay is appointed as one of the most 10 beautifull bays in the world. We even have dolphins living in the bay

On the shoreThe house is lokated in the middle of the town between a vey nice restaurant and a newly renovated house.

We cannot wait buying a lazer and kayak and start renovating.

We guess it will take a year finding out what could be done and another year renovate/rebuild. But meanwhile we will have Ellinor, Lazers, kayaks and the diving. 

Welcome you who dare visiting us among the termiites

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